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Custom Poker Table Design Ideas:
Casino Style & Quality

Custom poker tables is what we do. We specialize in customizing poker tables to your exact desired specifications. Our most popular poker table for customization is our 108" Feature poker table. This is our Signature Poker Table, this Casino poker table used by many of the top Poker Tours though out the US as a Feature table or Final table.

Custom Poker Table Design
Custom Poker Table Design

What makes a High End Casino Poker Table:

There are many poker table builders out there today. Many of these new companies are one man operations. They use hand tools in their garage and they do not know the proper materials to use that makeup a quality Casino poker table.

We have been selling to Casino's for several years, we know what materials will stand up in the harsh Casino environment.

Our high end custom poker tables are the top of the line in the poker table building industry! Our Casino poker tables have a 6" wide poker rail with a 4 1/2" rail side wall! This thick poker rail gives our tables a very high end look. We also use a high grade Micro Suede material in the upholstery of this Poker Table Rail. Our Unique plush Fabric set our poker tables apart from the rest. (This material is the same fabric used on the Arm Rest of the Final table at the World Series of Poker 2004-2006 as seen on ESPN.)

The most important item on our Casino poker tables is our poker table felts! These unique one of a kind poker felts are only available from Rye Park!

Our Poker table felts in combination with the correct and official type of foam, will create the perfect playing surface for a Casino Poker table.

  • Cards will move and pitch with ease to the players
  • Player's and dealer's will be able to get their fingers under the cards and poker chips easily.
  • Our poker table felts will last and the dye will stay in as not to allow the felt to turn white like polyester felts do.
  • We use the correct colors so the poker chips will not get lost in the graphic logos or colors of the poker table felt.

    Custom Poker Table Design: Leather upholstery, custom stained veneer finish
    Custom Poker Table Design: Leather upholstery, custom stained veneer finishCustom High End Poker Table; Raised Rail, LED lights, Aluminum Band, Custom Vinyl Upholstery, Stock Poker Layout
    Custom High End Poker Table; Raised Rail, LED lights, Aluminum Band, Custom Vinyl Upholstery, Stock Poker Layout

  • Another very unique feature of these custom Casino poker tables is our Raised poker rails. We have a 1 1/2" raised insert band underneath our poker rail. Theses bands can also be customized for our high end clients. Choose from:

  • Diamond patterns
  • Corporate Sponsors
  • Custom Logo's
  • Hole card Camera holes

    Logo Corporate Sponsorship for Poker tournaments has been increasing with the popularity of Hold'em poker Tournaments. The raised band also allows room for pocket cameras and hole cameras.

    Our poker rail cavity was originally design to accommodate the camera mounts for the Cameras at large poker tournament for the Final table.

    *The poker table cameras and setup hole card cameras can vary greatly depending on the output requirements and budget! Please send a request for a quote on poker table cameras and setup.

    We can combine any of our poker table bases and or folding legs to any of our table tops. You can also choose from several wood stains and finishes for your poker table. Choose from a variety of materials, including real leathers, suede's, micro-suede's, vinyl's etc., and of course custom layouts/felts.

    We also have the several types of poker table hardware; chip trays, gold chip trays, locking tops and keys, poker table drop boxes, drop slots or cash paddles, lights, rope lights, LED lighting, and even pocket camera's.

    Custom shapes and sizes also available, call for estimates.

    Still haven't found what you are looking for? Send us a note via our customer contact page, it's fast and easy! Or Call 702-722-2900.



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