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How long will poker layout / poler felt last?

Custom poker felts

Rye Park produces high quality casino grade polyester poker felts and table game layouts.  We have years of experience manufacturing casino layouts. Our custom layouts withstand 24/7 action at casinos around the world.  Our poker layouts will last years in a home setting.

It took years of research to choose the best fabric for our Polyester poker table felts. Most of our hgh end casino customers also use the polyester fabric, this is far superior to any "Suited Speed cloth", which is a low-cost fabric.  Our polyester has a great rich feel and a very nice nap.  You will be happy with this new fabric, plus you cannot beat the price!

Our 98" polyester poker felts with stock design without a logo in our standard colors are $220.00 (1-4 layotus). Customized poker felts (custom logo, design, or colors) - Minumum Order Quantity: 3

We have a variety of "Stock" poker table felts to choose from.  If table size is 98" we will add 3" to the size of layout to allow for install.

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